Desktop vs Mobile Slots What’s More Popular

The battle between desktop slot machines and mobile slot machines is like the struggle of the greased lightning to hit the dust. If you're a fan of the slot games then you would have had a close shave before coming to this decision. But if not, then you are going to like this comparison of desktop slots machines to mobile slots machines. It's just a matter of time until the mobile slots machines take over the place as the most popular and sought-after slots games in casinos.


Which of the two platforms is popular in online slots?

Now, let us discuss why mobile slots are more popular than desktop slots or vice versa. It's all about the speed and the actual speed of the game. A desktop slots machine is designed to play the same number of slots in a single rotation as compared to mobile slots. The player has to wait for a particular duration of time, which may even depend on the software of the machine and the reel inside it. Once that duration is over, the player has to switch over to a new reel and start his/her next spin.

Desktop slot

In a mobile slots machine, the entire scenario changes. There is no such restriction or limitation imposed on the number of spins. Hence, the player can enjoy playing multiple times in a single rotation without worrying about the time duration. Playing mobile slots more often leads to better and faster results, which ultimately leads to more winning amounts.

Apart from the obvious advantages of playing mobile slots, another reason why many players prefer it is the ease with which they can get the reels going and stopping them is also very simple. A mobile slots machine is meant to be played quickly and precisely. This is of the essence to ensure maximum enjoyment and satisfaction on the part of the player. Unlike the desktop versions, which need a lot of time to be trained on how to operate, the mobile versions are pretty much self-explanatory. All the relevant instructions, options, and buttons are laid out on the screen, making it easy for the player to get acquainted with the whole working of the machine in a short period. Thus, desktop slot machines are best suited for those who want to learn the ropes in a short while, as compared to the mobile versions.


Another big factor that makes it so popular is its ease of use

The reels are designed such that they lay across the surface of the table and are easy to be handled and manipulated by the user. As a result, the time taken to learn how to operate the machine is less. As soon as you master the operation of the reels, the rest of the playing portion comes very naturally to you. This is one of the reasons why many users choose to play slot games on these reels rather than on the classic slots.

However, comparing desktop slots against mobile slots is not enough to decide which one is better. There are certain features that mobile versions have that desktop editions do not have. For example, both the machines allow the player to switch from one reel to another by pushing a few buttons on the remote control. But this is only possible on the mobile version, when the player is near the panel where the reels are placed. In other words, the desktop version can always provide you with a bigger playing area.

Another notable difference is the speed at which the game is rewound. Mobile casinos tend to use random number generators (RNG). This means that when a new code is generated, the result is unpredictable. This means that if you place your bet after a while, the results will never be the same, and it could even be impossible to beat the machine on the first try.

These are some of the differences that you may find in mobile slots over the desktop version. So, which one is more popular? That depends on your strategy. If you want to play for fun, then the mobile slots are probably more enjoyable. But if you are looking for a real money slot machine, the desktop version is the best choice.